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We accept tires for disposal at our locations. As of March 1st, 2024 tires will be charged individually at $12.00 without rim and $17.00 with rim. To dispose of large quantities of tires contact L&S Tire Company at (253) 582-5556 or other tire disposal companies.

Latex paint can go in the garbage as long as it's dried out. We recommend kitty litter to dry it out.

Yes, they come in as reglar garbage. If 5 or more are brought in, they are $60 per piece.

Yes, concrete comes in as regular garbage.

Used motor oil is accepted at either the Hidden Valley or Purdy transfer stations. Please limit to 5 gallons per trip and you will need to drain it into the provided container.

As of February 2024 we are no longer accepting used cooking oil at any of our locations

Cash, debit and credit cards. We do not accept checks

No. Glass other than beverage bottles contain contaminants that hamper the recycling process.

No. They are garbage.

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