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Recycling Center

The Recycling Center at Hidden Valley provides self-haul customers the opportunity to recycle their sorted recyclable materials before entering the disposal site. At our outlying sites there are bins available for customers to recycle their residential recyclables. The Recycling Center staff provides individual instruction to customers on proper preparation of their recyclables to maintain high quality and to provide customers with a greater knowledge of the process of recycling.

  • Preparing Your Recyclables
  • Items Accepted

Recycling provides a good feed stock of materials to mills for making new products. For this reason, all recyclables must be clean and sorted as outlined below. Contaminated or unsorted materials will be thrown away instead of recycled, so it is up to you to make sure that what you put in the recycling boxes, is really ready to be recycled.

Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags only. Please no waxed or plastic coated cardboard, packing paper, styrofoam or other non-cardboard items. Please save space for others by flattening all boxes.

Anything that comes with your newspaper is okay, including fliers. Please, no junk mail, office or school papers. Please remove all paper sacks, plastic bags and twine before dumping.

Slick, glossy magazines, catalogs, phone books and TV guides only. No bound books or paperbacks. Please remove all paper sacks and plastic bags before dumping.

Mixed Paper
Junk mail, office and school papers are okay. Please no plastic or carbon paper, plastic ties, styrofoam cups or plastic coated containers.

Glass Bottles and Jars
Glass bottles and jars only. Please rinse, remove lids and place separately by color into bins. Paper labels are okay. The following items are contaminants which can ruin an entire load of glass: window glass, ceramics of any kind, Pyrex or oven proof glass, mirrors, light bulbs, paper or plastic bags, dishes, drinking glasses and vases. Please throw such items away.

Aluminum Cans
Please rinse and flatten. No bags, foil, hangers or pie tins please.

Tin Cans
Please rinse out all food wastes and flatten. Please no gas or paint cans.

Plastic Pop & Liqueur Bottles
Please rinse and remove caps. Stepping on them saves space.

Plastic Milk Jugs
Please rinse and remove lids, stepping on them saves space.

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